Vowel x Jon Tho x Lizzy Stringer - Crossroads


Those with a keen eye will have noticed we launched a new project in January – Elevations. Taking you on a trip around the globe visiting exciting up-and-coming talents, we kicked things off in Czech Republic with Ripple’s ”Feel’s Like”, and now we’re sailing over to Portugal for the next single, which sees Vowel and Jon Tho link up on “Crossroads”.

As two members of the Surveillance Music crew helping to drive the Portuguese D&B scene forward with their forward-thinking sonics, we couldn’t not get them to bring some flair to the album! Teaming up with the vocal talent of Lizzy Stringer – whose worked with names including DJ Limited and Westy – “Crossroads” is a guaranteed 2022 anthem, and a glimpse at the music diversity you can look forward to from the rest of Elevations.