VovKING - Katana

Ukraine is a country we don’t often associate with drum and bass, but we can assure you there are some serious talents coming out of the country right now – and VovKING is certainly one of them. You may remember the artist formerly being part of duo with Tapolsky – a combination finding a regular home with labels including Viper, Technique and Mainframe, but VovKING has since been journeying onwards as a solo act with a mission to explore the futuristic sounds of D&B.

It’s an ambition that came to the fore on VovKING’s banging “Monolith/Collagen” single on Rampage Recordings earlier this year, and one that continues on Elevate as we welcome VovKING to the label for his debut “Katana” single. Packing the progressive unpredictability VovKING’s tracks are quickly gaining recognition for, “Katana” is a tune that is guaranteed to cut through dancefloors with its sharp groove.