20 years in the game and this bonafide cornerstone of the scene continues to go from strength to strength. Having ingrained his name via his stand out DJ sets and as the owner of Shogun Audio; its in these past few years hes reinforced his revised signal of intent as a producer in his own right.

Having stepped down from his 6-year stint as the host of the Radio 1 D&B show to concentrate on his productions, he stuck true to word unleashing a barrage of material to mass critical acclaim. His debut album Connections dropped in Sept 18 alongside a series of world-class remixes for Fat Boy Slim, The Prodigy and Sam Smith.

Having just completed a festival season of 36 shows, plus the release of his Kanine collab Your Love, Friction announces his next single Good To Me as the first offering from his second album due in Spring 2020. Already a firm favourite across the scenes top names, 2020 will see a flurry of activity, headline shows and the rise of his Elevate label.