Freaks & Geeks - Guiding Light

Since their debut release in late 2020, heavyweight D&B duo Freaks & Geeks have continuously gone from strength to strength with an eclectic and captivating sound that has taken the drum and bass scene by storm. Following on from the huge streaming success of tracks such as 'Elemental' (Feat. Emily Makis), 'Freefalling', and 'Waiting For You', they now find themselves landing on Elevate Records once again, this time with electrifying sounds of 'Guiding Light'.

Guiding listeners through this latest production with a mesmerising vocal loop throughout, Freaks & Geeks serve up a high-energy frenzy of enthralling synths and pounding drums. A certified dancefloor smasher, this is undoubtedly some of their best work to date.