Fourward - Hope EP

Title track Hope is laced with everything a summer needs. As the vocal builds into a bright crescendo of anticipation, this high octane essential has everyone who hears it desperate to track it down.

Nobody then steamrollers into view and is a tech/jump up hybrid monster created with one sole purpose - stalk its prey and devour on sight!

Unexplained Phenomenon is the quintessential intro track. Atmospherics lift the listener to dizzy heights before contorting them back to reality with an almost out of body experience.

Rounding off a butcher of an EP is Head Of A Snake. Like a serpent creeping out from the darkness, it strikes with deadly venom which is brutally contagious.

Displaying a deft blend of expertise and inventiveness, Fourward have captured the perfect insight to their world. Theres a track for every pocket of our scene here and Elevate Records shines a light on these very gifted producers. Leave the TED Talks and Motivational Mondays at home. The Hope Ep should be an instant addition to your every day life!