Elevations 01

Through ten singles that both individually and collectively represent exactly what Elevate Records is all about, our Elevations LP sees a whole host of drum and bass’ most exciting producers and vocalists collate in the form of our biggest collaborative project to date.

Defined by unrivalled electronic energy, power, and melody that are each tailored with the dancefloor in mind, the Elevations LP promises to be the soundtrack to a 170BPM-fuelled summer. With music from Sota, VovKING, Ripple, Vowel & Jon Tho, Lizzy Stringer, Refracta, Artino, Chrissie Huntley, Kleu, Dux N Bass, Yoteii, Something Something, and Tanyel, Elevations Vol 1. is packed with heater after heater and offers an insight into each of these incredible musicians pool of prowess.