Document One - Wibble Wobble

Let’s be real, Document One are no strangers to a fat drum and bass wobble. From the mammoth “LSD” single that still stands as one of the duo’s greatest creations, to their recent “This Time” single on Elevate with Dynamite MC – which continues to cause carnage every time it’s unleashed on a dancefloor – Document One have undoubtedly cemented their name as masters of the wobbling bass riff.

We’re pleased to reveal their latest creation for Elevate is another wobble you’re sure to be throwing strange shapes to very soon! The aptly named “Wibble Wobble” comes packing all of the wobbling goodness we’ve come to love the Document One boys for, but with a fresh dancefloor sound that is sure to resonate with a lot of ravers out there who enjoy a good old skank to a dirty bassline.