Document One - Coordinates Pt.II

They say that lightning doesn’t strike, but it’s safe to say that Document One’s Coordinates series on Elevate Records certainly does! After the huge success of Coordinates Part 1, which has accumulated 3.5M streams in a matter of months, we’re extremely excited to present Doc One’s highly-anticipated follow-up project.

Introducing Coordinates Part 2, the second instalment of the truly distinctive duo’s latest musical endeavour. Teaming up with Ruth Royall, Doktor, Dread MC, and Emily Makis, this latest five-track extravaganza from Document One pinpoints the breathtaking diversity of their ludicrously experimental and dancefloor-destroying sound.

Featuring the mesmerising vocal brilliance of Emily Makis on ‘Tongue Tied’, as well as the award-winning Dread MC’s feel-good contribution to ‘More & More’, Ruth Royall’s incredibly powerful vocals on ‘Intentions’ , and Doktor’s superb lyrical expertise entangled with the sonics of ‘Okay’, each collaborators inclusion has only added a further degree of idiosyncrasy and intrigue to the project. Document One polish off the EP with a solo track in the form of ‘Drop Top’ - which safely accompanies the other tracks in its high-octane nature.

Explosive from start to finish, make sure you strap yourself in for the outrageous sounds of Coordinates Part 2.